BYU Writing Camps

Have dreams of writing epic novels, beautiful poetry, short stories, insightful blogs, entertaining plays or family memoirs? Sign up for one of BYU’s popular writing camps! Each camp is crafted to improve academic and creative writing skills. Select a camp to learn more: If you are interested in becoming a member of the Central Utah […]

Prepping Students For Test Writing

In department meetings, faculty lounges, and in school hallways around the country, frustrated teachers can be heard saying, “once testing is over, I can get back to teaching.” Some of our favorite bloggers at Two Writing Teachers, share insights regarding how to keep our classrooms grounded in good writing instruction …

CUWP Appreciation

Writing is often considered a lonely hobby, interest or profession. Participation in the Central Utah Writing project broadened not only my writing craft, abilities and experiences but my connections to other teachers who have a passion for writing and for teaching writing. Writing includes the connection I have to other writers-and especially the writers from CUWP.

CUWP Is Not Just For English Teachers

Jennifer Brimley does not teach English. Science teachers can write too, and they can be a part of an organization aimed at encouraging students to learn through writing (any subject). In the real world, every professional uses writing to communicate and think. Jennifer’s students do too. We are so proud that Jennifer is a part of CUWP …