Prepping Students For Test Writing

In department meetings, faculty lounges, and in school hallways around the country, frustrated teachers can be heard saying, “once testing is over, I can get back to teaching.” Some of our favorite bloggers at Two Writing Teachers, share insights regarding how to keep our classrooms grounded in good writing instruction–even while we prepare our students for standardized testing.


Join CUWPI’m trying to teach [testing] as an immersion genre, like everything else but I’m meeting resistance from administration that wants “test prep.” -by Stacey Shubitz

Join CUWPWe hope to give students the confidence and skills to approach timed prompt writing in a way that will showcase their many talents as writers. -by Dana Murphy

Join CUWPTeachers don’t join the profession because of testing. We join the profession because of our passion. My desire for my students is to see themselves as writers; understand the process of writing the stories in our lives so they can see how documenting themselves will allow others to see a piece of them. But there has always been one issue: the state mandated writing test drove our instruction instead of our students. -by Lynnelle Snowbarger

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