Money Grows on Trees

Melissa Heaton

Author Melissa Heaton teaches at Mapleton Junior High School. On a beautiful fall morning, during a nature walks, she found money growing on trees.

Money Grows on Trees

Today, I learned for myself that money does grow on trees. Thar’s gold in them thar hills if you take the time to look for it. I’m no treasure hunter. The treasure found me. Mother Nature is quite the philanthropist, sharing her wealth and treasures with pure pleasure. I feel blessed.

Golden leaves glisten in the sun and fall to the ground like a handful of coins. Jewels of dew gather on wild grass, leaves, and rocks creating a treasure trove of splendor. The Aspen trees with their jagged branches and white pants guard their lute like pirates.

Overhead, a canopy of sky blue and sunrays magnify my colorful surroundings. The contrast is stunning. The crisp air and snow covered ground sharpens my senses. I feel alive.

Why aren’t the fast cars and jets stopping? Do they not know that I struck gold? They can hit the jackpot, too. But, I wonder if they really want to. I wonder if they would see what I see. Is this the gold that people really want?

Who needs a mansion when you can roam majestic mountain peaks. Who needs flashing cameras, spotlights, and fame when you can bask in the sun’s rays and feel it’s accepting warmth fill your soul? The trees and the wind will never hesitate to share their enthusiastic applause. There is nothing more enjoyable than hearing nature applause. When a tree falls in a forest, I want to hear it. It will be music to my ears.

Today, I learned for myself that money does grow on trees. I wonder if anyone else will believe me.

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