Author Janette Grimshaw teaches at Independence High School. She is an original CUWPER from the 2009 summer institute. Since joining CUWP, Janette has invited many colleagues into the CUWP fraternity, and below is her brief description about how you can join our ranks.

Join CUWPIn order to join the Central Utah Writing Project (CUWP), you must first attend a summer institute (SI). This SI is a 3-4 week class, but it’s not your typical “teacher training class.” It is a time for teachers to share and improve their ideas for teaching writing, a time to research how to give good writing instruction, and a time for teachers themselves to write. Many past SI participants have commented how they never saw themselves as writers until they attended this training and took their own pieces through the writing process, as we ask our students to do. The summer institute is informative as well as fun! And with Dr. Chris Crowe from BYU as co-director of CUWP, zombies often become a topic of discussion and writing.

Once you have completed SI, then you are considered a “fellow” of the Central Utah Writing Project. This means you can be a part of other CUWP events and act as a delegate of CUWP. For example, you would be able to give trainings to other teachers on writing as a CUWP representative. You could attend CUWP reunions, which involves doing more of your own writing and learning more about writing instruction. You can attend fun CUWP activities, like “walk and writes” where you walk through sections of town with a group of other CUWP fellows, write about what the scenery inspires, and then share portions of your writing with one another.

You may be thinking, I shouldn’t join CUWP because I’m not an English teacher. Nonsense! We want teachers from all levels and all content areas. Everyone has ideas to share.

You may be thinking, I’m not a writer. I wouldn’t make a good CUWP candidate. Hogwash! You don’t need to be writing a novel or preparing a text for publication to join CUWP. You just need to be a teacher who wants to be better at teaching writing and incorporating writing in your class. A side benefit of joining is that you learn to feel like more of a writer.

Join now!