Jon Ostenson

Professor Jon Ostenson is a former high school English teacher, now working at Brigham Young University to prepare future teachers. Jon specializes in digital literacies, is interested in language, and young adult literature, and serves here with the Central Utah Writing Project. He is also the co-creator of an online style academy aimed at helping support writing instruction at any level.

What is the Central Utah Writing Project?

The Central Utah Writing Project (CUWP) is affiliated with the National Writing Project and is modeled after the original Bay Area Writing Project founded by James Gray in 1974. The CUWP serves schools in central Utah, including the five districts that comprise the BYU-Public Schools Partnership. It is co-funded by Brigham Young University and the National Writing Project.

What is the Summer Institute?

In the summer institute, teachers learn about and practice the art of teachng writing. They read and write about writing, participate in writing and reading groups, listen to guest presenters, work with writing coaches, and generally immerse themselves in the world of writing. The Institute meets Monday through Thursday for 4 weeks. A typical day begins at 8:30 and ends at 3:30

Who can participate in the Summer Institute?

Any K- college teacher who is interested in—even passionate about—the teaching of writing. The Project is open to teachers in all content areas, not just English/language arts teachers.

Can Title I teachers participate in the Summer Institute?

Yes! Teachers of all grade levels and all content areas are welcome.

When is the Summer Institute?

The annual Summer Institute meets Monday through Thursday for four weeks, usually beginning in the third week of June.

How much does it cost?

Other than four weeks of your time—and considerable work—writing and reading kinds of work, it costs nothing. In fact, participants receive free books, college or USOE professional development credit, and a $250 stipend.

Where will the Institute meet?

We meet at the Alpine School District Professional Development Center in American Fork.

How do I apply?

Go to the CUWP website, utahteacherswrite.org and click on Summer Institute.